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In one way or another, I (Ray) have worked with wood for over forty years. From an early at age school I always 1had an interest in woodwork, I even had my own workshop in our garden when I was 14, making things like bird boxes and chess boards. 

My name is Ray Morris, originally from England, where at the age of 16 I commenced a 4 year apprenticeship at Birkenhead’s Cammell-Laird shipyard, as joiner/carpenter. later I became an Instructor of Carpentry and Joinery at the British Shipbuilders' Training Centre in Birkenhead. I took my Certificate of Education at Manchester University’s Bolton College of Higher Education and I then went on to become a Lecturer in carpentry at the Mabel Fletcher College in Liverpool. I worked at the Old Swan College in Liverpool teaching adults and children with down’s syndrome.

1I have always been more interested in the art and craft side of carpentry and used to make many items for craft fairs and craft shops.

I moved to Skiathos Island, Greece in 2005 along with my wife Jacqui. Being a tiny island surrounded by the Aegean Sea, and spending lots of time on the beaches in the winter along with our beautiful German Shepherd dog Keira, we very quickly realised the wealth of naturally stunning pieces of driftwood that wash up on our shores.

Wearing my artistic hat and carpenter’s apron I discovered what fantastic, original products could be made out of these pieces of driftwood – just by looking at them in a different light, adding enhancements to some, and treating others.

I also became aware as to what could be made from old olive wood – which is delivered here by the truckload in the winter for wood burners and open fires. Again, with a little thought and careful use of my carpentry tools, it’s amazing what products can be redesigned.

We hope you enjoy looking through our portfolio and if you’d like to contact us about anything, please feel free to email us at driftwoodartskiathos@gmail.com.


We would be delighted to discuss personal commissions, no matter how large or small, for gifts, corporate events or for your own house, garden or your business.

Please contact me by email initially, including any ideas you have and not forgetting your phone number for me to ring you.

Email: driftwoodartskiathos@gmail.com

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